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1.   10/09/11   your sit is beautiful
2.   09/23/11   so so beuetfull internet church . i am so happy to see keep it up my sweet dear
3.   06/28/11   More Grace to your lives
4.   05/30/11   I have been Blessed to read Gods word from this website!!!!
5.   05/28/11   I adore your Website and will be glad to visit often..With Love in Christ Jesus BR Edward
6.   04/08/11   This is a wonderful website! Thank you for sharing your inspiration! God Bless
7.   03/08/11   Very well made website! Keep up the good work! Keep spreading the good news!
8.   03/08/11   I recommend this website.
9.   02/06/11   This is a blessing I am looking for a local church but truly this sight will stayon my computer .What a wonderful god we serve be blessed! Truly our Holy God is using you to touch the broken and I am one.Beautiful awsome display
10.   02/05/11   peaceand love
11.   02/04/11   Thank you to the Lord for his healing power who will flow from him right now around the world and heal and strength us in power of God thanks and bless keijo sweden
12.   01/17/11   May you always be blessed!
13.   11/17/10   just wanted to say god bless and keep spreading the good words of God
14.   10/05/10   I wish to say thanks to the founders of this site i have been so blessed i have gone through the topics and teachings of healing surely Im not the same again i feel heald delivered impowere etc. Im so happy!! the Lord Bless this Man of God!. Lv C.M
15.   09/22/10   This is awesome
16.   07/18/10   thank you
17.   04/23/10   Thanks for the invite!
18.   03/09/10   thank you for all your words of wisdon
19.   03/04/10   i was reading the statement of faith and it made my morning.i work grave yard shift here at lsu.and tihs word offaith wonderful.i need prayer very bad. please pray for me. iam going through something horrible.
20.   03/02/10   Please pray for me I am dealing with 3 serious issues:
21.   02/20/10   Its wonderful i love the poetry. God bless u. (AGenius Alfred Mwit)
22.   01/30/10   Oh!!! am greatly delighted to have visited this website it is overwhelming and inspiring. My name is Uchechukwu from Nigeria please keep it up.
23.   01/21/10   I am Amorelle I am from Jamaica what I read was heavenly and help me to build my Faith God Bless You.
24.   01/13/10   I enjoyed this website and wish to remember the contents I enjoyed reading.
25.   12/17/09   My name is Jachin Charley I am form India. I am serving the Lord as an Evangelist and helping the poor. I have started Jesus Gospel Ministry. Please pray for us. Please visit our website MERRY CHRISTMAS
26.   12/11/09   AMAZING! :) you have really helped my faith. God bless America! Jokes I'm English. Thankyou you must have lots of hits lol. :) xxxxxxxx
27.   12/11/09   The website promotes your subject and I like the background it reaally stands out! Well Done god bless xxxx
28.   12/06/09   I really very much appreciated.I pray that you may count me as yours in Christ.
29.   07/10/09   Church for Christ is a wonderful and the best web site I had ever seen - /aruna raj
30.   07/09/09   I had learned about seven steps and it is very good. I want to change myself and start with new life and I request you to please pray for me and I lookforward for your response. Aruna Raj
31.   06/20/09   God Bless America ! God Bless of the world !
32.   06/13/09   I like this name church for christ
33.   05/27/09   This was fun!
34.   04/18/09   you have a wonderful website let god continue to use you mightily and i pray that every need be met for you and your family d stinnett athens alabama
35.   04/13/09   a blessing of a website.. thank you.
36.   03/28/09   God bless the church of christ Religion is the only thing that has kept me going since I lost my parents and my loving husband..I found the site very enlightning.I was reading about heaven God bless.
37.   03/01/09   There is nothing impossible with god. My visit was great !
38.   01/30/09   Very beautiful christian web and helpful too.God is amazing!
39.   01/29/09   god bless you psalms 121 136 148
40.   01/06/09   i like the church and enjoyed being here and hope you keep up the good work prace the Lord
41.   12/16/08   this was refreashing
42.   12/16/08   Nothing is impossible with God!!! God moves!!
43.   12/10/08   i enjoyed your website it is really inspirational and nice
44.   11/12/08   Iam a house church pastor ivolves in many such among dalits.Pray for me and my children and beleivers.We are lone in this mount.Tell me how to operate. Emmanuel
45.   11/12/08   I enjoyed your inspirational messages and my visits they where so inspring
46.   11/02/08   Love and love for he have power that heal our soul and mind and win the lost to Christ thanks and bless and pray
47.   10/10/08   GOD BLESS your ministry!!!!
48.   09/30/08   Joy and joy and let your light shine to salvation for many lost And be blessed
49.   08/25/08   god bless you
50.   08/25/08   God bless you this is a great work and very blessingfull website. Pastor Khalid Anjum.
51.   08/24/08   what an awesome site I pray that the Lord will rain favor in your life for the work you are doing on this site to transform lives in Jesus Name Amen!
52.   08/19/08   This site has been a blessing to me and my family and our womens church group meetings which I have given every woman in our group a copy (19 pages ) of the healing scriptures. please keep up your good works through this site it reaches so many.
53.   08/18/08   it is great web site keep up the good work
54.   07/26/08   Dear brethren Please pray for our ministry
55.   07/15/08   Thank you so much for these sites they are an inspiration to od and to his people thatnk you and God Bless you all. The Kingdom of Heaven is near.
56.   06/28/08   i need healing in my whole body eyes bowels
57.   06/14/08   prayer for healing/miracle of teeth. mind body & spirit
58.   06/07/08   Dear brother i thank god for the great ministry may the lord bless you amen.
59.   06/03/08   Love to partner with you in the mighty name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ .
60.   05/22/08   Love the site! Question: How do I use the communion room
61.   05/17/08   Excedently I surf on your site. This site is awsum. Keep up the good work for the Lord.
62.   04/21/08   I like this site; very interesting; I have been wanting to do something like this but lacked the resources
63.   04/01/08   i hope god blesses all of you.
64.   03/31/08   Hi. I found your Website by Yahoo! And I wish you the best you can get the peace of God through Jesus Christ. Welcome to visit my Site. Allan Svensson Sweden What does hinder the Antichrist to appear?
65.   03/28/08   Joy and joy for loved Jesus and help the lost souls that find him pray for dear revival soon.Thanks and bless.keijo sweden
66.   03/26/08   I am blessed to meet you and a pleasure to learn of this site. I need prayer for guidance in my life about my financial needs my home and my son who has addiction to drugs.
67.   03/22/08   This web site makes me feel like am already in Heaven.THANKS may God pour out greater blessings of inspiration and divine connection
68.   03/14/08   Yours in His vineyard.Please vist our
69.   03/13/08   god bless you
70.   03/13/08   Lovely and cool blue roses and keep walking in the light of Jesus!
71.   03/02/08   I LOVE this website!! THANK YOU for all the time and effort you have put into it. Blessings to you and yours!:)
72.   02/21/08   What a wonderful web site. God Bless you
73.   02/19/08   I have been truly Blessed by the scriptures that You have researched about the God's Healing. I would like for you to know that God is healing me as we speak.
74.   01/24/08   I enjoyed reading what I did on this site...I was pleased by what I saw....I pray that many will come and read much of what is here and start a new Life in the Lord...I was pleased to read of what it said of many things in accordance to the way I learnGBY
75.   01/19/08   GOD BLESS US ALL. Thank you for sharing the Love of GOD to others. May God continue pouring his Blessing upon Us
76.   01/14/08   very easy to look thru. have placed you in my favoriites
77.   12/29/07   THANKS! for a Christian Site loaded with such a variety of Christian info that's Scripture-based!!!
78.   12/21/07   God Bless you all as you are labouring in his Vineyard.Please visit our website
79.   12/18/07   God has taken me to a wealthy place with this website. Thank you God!
80.   12/04/07   prayer healing and blessing for loved ones family and friends home and church healing miracle peace and comfort glory to god in jesus amen
81.   11/28/07   god bless
82.   11/21/07   What a wonderful web site. God Bless you
83.   11/20/07   Please pray for my boyfriend going through hardship right now. I Love Your Most Beautifulest Site One the Internet.
84.   11/08/07   Greetings (Sa Wa Dee Krup) from Thailand I was blessed and most of all refresh well visit your site. It is so spirit-filled and anointed.It is my prayer that God will continue to bless you and this website.
85.   10/25/07   It gives me a Heavenly feeling
86.   10/22/07   Please pray that God will soon give me a job that fits my qualifications and a job that can really support my family. Please pray also for my brother Jim who will be the used by God to bless us financially.
88.   10/16/07   Captivating site. It is faboulous
89.   10/12/07   yes i enjoyed my visit
90.   10/10/07   prayer for restoration miracle blessing revival blessing for church and financial in jesus amen
91.   10/10/07   prayer for restoration miracle blessing revival blessing for church and financial in jesus amen
92.   10/10/07   thank you
93.   10/05/07   I was faced some family problemdue to that we were seperated few months again we joined by the grace of God by that time we were lossed health finance and all types of benfits.I would like to request prayer for my family bonding for childs study growth at
94.   09/26/07   I am grieving the loss of my husband who recently passed away from cancer. I would like to request prayer for a healing.
95.   09/21/07   This Gods Miracal in ur web site
96.   09/17/07   Thank you for the spiritual beauty shared on you net
97.   09/16/07   This is really nice. it can help a lot of people.
98.   09/12/07   our father in heaven hallowed be thy name ty kingdom come thy will be done on earth as in heaven give us daily bread needs freedom and forgivneness not in temptation but free from all evil for yours is kingdom power and glory forever in jesus aman
99.   09/12/07   Very different. Pray for my family going through a difficult time at present. For reconciliation according to Gods will.
100.   08/26/07   Thank you all for this great site and i would ask that you pray for me that i may pass through judgement and enter the kingdom of God one day. Thanks for listening and God bless.
101.   08/25/07   God has truly bless you what a wonderful site. Many blessings to all who visit it.
102.   08/17/07   yhanks i pray that you reap the fruits of wonderful blessing of God in your endeavor.
103.   08/16/07   Joy and joy for loved Jesus and help the lost souls that find him pray for dear revival soon.Thanks and bless.keijo sweden
104.   08/14/07   Lovely please connect with me I need God in my life.
105.   08/03/07   Shalom! we are (SMYRNA GLOBAL OUTREACH) ministry here in south africa. we are missionary from Pakistan would like to know if you can assist us with soem litrature or bibles. God Bless You keep up the good work.
106.   08/02/07   You made me feel so welcome Oh I pray that Heaven will be as refreshing! Thank you and God bless
107.   08/02/07   prayer for gods will and for miracle healing and wholeness revival and blessing in jesus name amen
108.   07/27/07   Reading your site is really refreshing
109.   07/26/07   Thanks my brothers in christ for meeting you for the first time now i have a prayer request and I need the entire church to with me in prayer that I stand firm in salvation until the last
110.   07/23/07   Hello Dear One...I made a donation for doors to it an ebook that I should recieve?Wonderful wonderful Holy Space you have created-Many Blessings Sue
111.   06/29/07   Real nice! Many thanks Cheers!
112.   06/26/07   Please pray for me and thank god for bringing me here.
113.   06/20/07   Thanks for posting this website! It is truly a one stop shop for all of my daily at-work worship needs!!
114.   06/17/07   I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
115.   06/17/07   I am happy to read all this succes: you deserve it completely. Proud to work with you in Boston next june. Please take all the good thoughts streaming from my heart to you...
116.   06/16/07   God bless you for standing up against the Da Vinci Code Even though we may not be in the same denomination God bless you for taking that stand My Anoited Pastor Bishop Carl Kiel Jr. took a firm stand against it. This Da Vinci Code is just unbiblical!
117.   06/13/07   Yes I love this site I learn something new everyday. i put my donation in a few days ago.
118.   06/12/07   I enjoyed this inspirational site. I will be back to visit again.
119.   06/12/07   Thank you for this inspirational website. I will certainly refer to others who desire to know the true and living God through Jesus Christ our Lord.
120.   06/10/07   Yes I enjoy this site but now I need your prayers for a different matter. I just finally got sick of all the abuse. Help me heal.
121.   06/07/07   I very much enjoyed this site. May all who are involved be blessed by God!! Thank you!!
122.   05/21/07   prayer for kingdom of god -miracle healing and forgivness-glory to god -in jesus name amen
123.   05/19/07   plz prayer for my hiv aids orphans kids india in him pastor p.ruth jaiseel babu
124.   05/18/07   I stop by hoping to find help with learning more about the bible I have a husband and 3 wonderful kids I would like our family to learn more about the bible
125.   05/08/07   Awesome site!!! very inspiring.
127.   04/04/07   Continue winning souls to the KINGDOM. Many Blessings to YOU
128.   03/29/07   I printed out these scriptures so I can read them night and day
129.   03/15/07   God is great ilove this site thanks for a wonderful place like it God bless us all..
130.   03/10/07   Thank you for an awesome website. I am believing God for healing for a cousin and I found some great scriptures to send to him that I know will encourage him. God Bless you and thank you again.
131.   03/06/07   We invite you to visit our prayer websie and post your prayer requests.
132.   02/28/07   Your site represents the future in Church ministries. Our team has developed new cyberchurch software ( that might be helpful in your mission.
133.   02/28/07   your website is such an inspiration and it is well decorated and i've been blessed by just having gone through it...keep it up
134.   02/28/07   wonderful website God Bless You
135.   02/23/07   hi I M Pastor Miller I love your website I know you are doing the work of our Lord i will be prayinf for you and your famliy May God Bless you and the Church
136.   02/09/07   Thank You for your website. Very inspirational I added to my favorites. Thanx
137.   01/14/07   Lovely website may God bless you :)
138.   01/08/07   Thank you so much for letting me enjoy this website. It's inspirational as you smile is!
139.   12/13/06   I would like to see if I could go to church by computer
140.   10/10/06   thanks for the good work the lord will always reward you.
141.   09/18/06   what a blessing i felt Gods Anointing ass i was reading on the healing that Jesus has for us when we stand on what the word og God say not what we think amen bless youz all
142.   09/05/06   sweet site
143.   09/02/06   this site is the best.may the lord bless each and every person that comes upon this site.praise the lord.
144.   08/31/06   I see a lot of good and useful information
145.   08/19/06   I LOVE THIS WEBSITE! It is very informat and a lot of information that I can use in my daily walk with the Lord. Thank you for putting together a website that can help people like me. It is very inspirational. I love the Lord!!!!
146.   07/17/06   hi very great job !
147.   06/25/06   Thank God for people like you Pastor Raymond J Mickens St Andrew A.M.E Church Coshocton Ohio
148.   06/20/06   My names Dave im 62 no irregular heart and high glucose has come upon me it has't to go pray for me
149.   06/19/06   I love this sight.
150.   06/07/06   Hi liking the website i live in the UK I go to a Baptise Church in Shropshire
151.   06/07/06   very spiritual congrates
152.   06/06/06   really a great site - from Hillcrest - South Africa
153.   06/05/06   Its a beautiful web full of informationabout God Almighty. Its very nice and Thank You.
154.   06/01/06   I'd like just to say thank you very much for this wonderfull site. I'm from Brasil but able read in english anyway God Bless all of you.
155.   05/24/06   33 years gone--and he took me back----ain't GOD wonderful
156.   05/08/06   God Loves You Very Very Much&So Do I.From the bottom of my heart.
157.   05/04/06   thank you i was in need of comfort and reading a passage from your pages gave me just that
158.   04/09/06   i feel that god should be the center point of all of our lives. i would like to leave a blessing as well JEREMIAH 29: 11-13
159.   03/27/06   Today I lost my best friend Spanky he was my pet dog. I am really upset and I really wanted to know if I would ever see him again in the afterlife I searched it up on this website and I found my answers I hope they are true Thank you so much for this
160.   03/21/06   I come here quiet often as Sarah is a wonderful encourager and a true sister in the gospel. Keep up the great work and may you all be blessed as you endeavor to do the work that God has given unto you to do. This is an exceptional site.
161.   03/20/06   I found this site by typing in Internet Church.
162.   03/10/06   This is a lovely site. Fills a person with some hope.
163.   03/01/06   Thank you all for your help with hurricane releif down here. God bless you
164.   02/19/06   A great site where one can enjoy the thought of a great mind long departed. Cheers for the good work!
165.   02/18/06   Hi. You have very nice website! Beautiful design.
166.   02/17/06   Thank you for being generous with your resources... I hope that you will receive more than you need for your time and energy. Keep at work!
167.   02/15/06   My name is Bro. Robeson I from the westnedge church of christ in Kalamazoo MI just wanted to say hi and GOD bless
168.   02/15/06   Greetings to all! Excuse for this message but at you excellent design of a site! Very much it was pleasant to me I shall come here very often!
169.   02/15/06   this site is helpful for people like who are away from their home churches and hasn't heard preaching for some time. It is very encouraging.
170.   02/10/06   I was surfing the search engines and found this site
171.   02/07/06   l like this
172.   02/06/06   verty informative
173.   01/25/06   This a beautiful website full of wonderful graphics and a plethora of information. I have enjoyed the site and I plan on making many visits to this site. God Bless You.
174.   01/22/06   Thanks for being here for me to pray with. Maryann
175.   01/17/06   looking for a poem a bar to heaven a bar to hell whoever named it named it very well
176.   11/04/05   I love your clean christian jokes. Please keep me up datedwith the new ones.
177.   10/23/05   Beautiful web site may GOD BLESS you and may you have love and happiness all of your days.
178.   09/19/05   I would like to Thank God for this wonderful website pls pray for me my families and especially Peace to the World
179.   08/28/05   bless and be fill with the Holy Spirit and pray for revival.thanks sweden
180.   08/25/05   I appreciate your support for the Gospel (
181.   08/20/05   "I am so excited to come across your site !! I was seeking the truth of vows and tithing..I love your"" Door to Miracles""..Your site is informative & uplifting..""Bless You"""
182.   08/15/05   Jesus will fill you with Holy Spirit and joy pray revival thanks.
183.   08/03/05   I just want to say that this is a very nice Internet that ever looked too.From the bottom of my heart.
184.   07/28/05   I am so excited to find this site. Please pray for me and add me to your email
185.   07/24/05   Be fil with the Holy Spirit and pray for revival.Thanks and bless.
186.   07/13/05   "I absolutely love your web site! I just ordered your "" Door To Miracles"" I can't wait to receive it! Please add me to your email list! Thank you very much! God Bless You! Sylvia"
187.   07/04/05   This site has inspired me so much but everytime I try to serve God whole-heartedly the devil steps right in and messes everything up. Please pray for me.
188.   06/11/05   I really bless God for you and i will like to be part of you. my e-mail is:
189.   06/09/05   what u are o\doing God will bless u
190.   05/30/05   wonderful work you are doing(i am from India)
191.   05/26/05   I wish you all the best. God richly bless you.
192.   05/17/05   pray for my family have two son and husband adhd. i might be too. great website
193.   05/03/05   Extremley Wonderfull.....God bless you my dear Sarah....yours Sara
194.   04/28/05   Wonderful statement of faith Sarah. God bless you. michael
196.   04/15/05   Iam blessed by your books. Please send me your books through po. Pastor Caliph Ndemo P O Box 335Kenya
197.   04/04/05   finally found you your friend in christ!!!!!
198.   03/22/05   looking for a profitable christian home based business retired
199.   03/16/05   glad I found you.
200.   01/27/05   Great web site !!! God Bless You !!!
201.   01/15/05   just surfing the web great site
202.   12/25/04   Love this site - Just sent you a poem - God Bless You
203.   12/25/04   Love this site - Just sent you a poem - God Bless You
204.   12/23/04   great web site
205.   12/18/04   God is the light and the way for all of us. Bless you for this wonderful site
206.   12/14/04   Love your website. Thank you Jesus for guiding me here
207.   12/10/04   Greetings! Thanks for your Prayer and Scriptural Messages. Blessings be upon you!
208.   12/02/04   what an inspiration!
209.   10/21/04   May God bless you for all your caring compassion and devotion.
210.   09/17/04   This is a great site may the Lord bless you for your work and dedication!
211.   09/16/04   God is Great!
212.   06/28/04   What a beautiful website! May God bless you for the work you are doing in His name!
213.   06/25/04   This website has really been confirmation for me. I believe that I am meant to live a life of abundance but more than anything I expect it now!
214.   06/09/04   This is a very good web site for bible study and learning.
215.   06/03/04   Your messages are a real blessing to me. God bless you
216.   05/18/04   God Bless you for the wonderful website
217.   04/23/04   What a blessing this website is!
218.   04/20/04   I want to be part of this so as to declare the glory of God everywhere
219.   04/14/04   I want to be part of this so as to declare the glory of God everywhere
220.   04/12/04   I was blessed to see The Passion of the Christ movie.
221.   03/08/04   i just came back from seeing the Passion Of The Christ for the second time. this movie really touch me spiritually and i know my life will never be the same i realize that i put those nails on my Jesus the day he died for me on the cross.
222.   03/07/04   I came across your website not by chance I'm sure - I was led here by a Higher Power!
223.   01/29/04   Thanks for you prayers. Pray also for the church I pastor here in Fort Erie Ontario
224.   01/24/04   awsome site........great job!!
225.   01/06/04   This is a very nice way to church. Thank you so much.
226.   12/28/03   thank God for using all of you involved in the creating this site.may u be richly blessed
227.   11/22/03   I visited your beautiful Web Site and I wish you God's blessings. Welcome to visit my Site.
228.   10/07/03   Sister Sarah please continue to pray for me i can't go on living like this there has to be some breakthrough.GOD richly bless you brother Danny
229.   07/02/03   I really enjoyed xisiting your site. It is so spirit-filled and anointed. I could actually feel the presence of God as I read the pages i visited. It is my prayer that God will continue to bless and use you for His glory in the earth Barbara.
231.   06/29/03   How wonderful your site and how wonderful your thoughts to make a beautiful site left to see by God.

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