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God Has a Better Life for You
By Jessy Duplantis

Whether you?ve got nowhere to go but up or everything in your life is going just fine, God has a better life for you. Unlike unbelievers, you have the ability to understand spiritual concepts and to use them to change not only the way you think, but also the things you do. Every day offers you an opportunity to grow and be free?spiritually, physically, financially, and in every other way.

The truth you plant in your heart right now doesn?t just affect today; it gives you something for the days, months, and even years ahead. That?s the power of the Word of God: It is living knowledge. It is timeless wisdom. It worked in Christ?s day the same way it will work for you today. Now, let?s look once again at this divine principle given to us by Jesus and stir up our faith for BIG things.
For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.
Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. Mark 11:23-24

This scripture passage has everything in it you need to know in order to receive what you are believing God for in this life. It?s a divinely ordered principle that teaches us how to remove obstacles and receive what we want in life.
Are these verses unbelievable and impossible?
YES! And that?s why they?re doable!

Oh, don?t forget that we are talking about Jesus here! Every teaching He gave us requires us to stretch?to bust out of mere religious thinking and get to the heart of the matter. Jesus forces us to make a decision: Natural thinking or faith in God? Hope and expectation or the ?protection? of doubt?
Raise Your Expectations

Ask yourself this question: ?Do I sometimes just 'expect nothing? as a way to secretly save myself from disappointment?? Do you realize that this type of thinking is totally natural and common, and that it?s in direct opposition to Jesus?
Your expectation in God?s Word has the ability to awaken the will of God inside of you?it stimulates your will to receive.

You see, Partner, it?s time to get away from religious thinking that always tries to keep you hemmed in and ?protect? you with doubt. God wants you to have the ?will? or deep want to receive from Him. He wants you to have faith.

Never try and protect yourself with doubt. No, protect yourself from doubt by EXPECTING His Word to work. Do everything you know to do to protect your mind from doubt.

Do you want to know what real expectation feels like? Well, when you?re expecting, you know that something is coming. It?s exciting and that anticipation is brewing inside of you. It?s not just waiting; it?s so much more than that.

I made up my mind a long time ago not to listen to someone else?s doubtful opinion about God?s Word, but to simply believe what God said. It?s just that simple. Why? Because those people telling me to doubt don?t have what I want in life! Most of them only have soft words of doubt?that?s not for me. I want to follow Jesus. I want what God said I could have, and I want to do what God said I could do. Don?t you?
Don?t Be Afraid to Get Your Hopes Up

If you do, then expectation is going to be vitally important in your life. It is a part of the foundation of hope?and hope is a good thing: Don?t be afraid of it. It?s what you need so that the seed of faith inside your heart can bring about unbelievable and impossible things in your life.

So many people stumble over Hebrews 11:1, which defines faith this way: ?Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.? I don?t think that this is very hard to understand, unless you have been listening to genetically altered Christianity.

I can?t tell you how many times I?ve heard people say to each other, ?I hope that preacher doesn?t get their hopes up too much.? Isn?t that sad? That?s genetically altered Christianity right there!

As you can see, I totally disagree with that. It is opposed to the Scripture and a slap in the face to the One Who taught us in His Word to do otherwise. Faith is required with God, and hope is forever linked to faith. Besides, hope makes you feel good while your faith is working!

??it?s time to get away from religious thinking that always tries to keep you hemmed in and ?protect? you with doubt.?

Refuse a Numbed State of Resignation

Never let yourself fall into a numbed state of resignation. Your reaction to disappointment when things don?t go the way you thought should not be to give up on God?or to give up on yourself and your future success. No, Partner, we never back up or stop. God has the cure for heart-pain and disappointment, and He never once told us that the cure was giving up.

The Apostle Paul told us to ?Press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Jesus Christ? (Philippians 3:14). That is what I call going for the unbelievable and the impossible.

Listen, it is time for you to receive big things in God?that means spiritually, physically, and financially. You?ve waited long enough! This is not the time to get weary. This is not the time to fall into a numbed state of resignation. It?s time to press forward and receive?and I mean big, Partner! You will never achieve big things with God, or even little things, if you go into a numbed state of resignation.

Stir yourself up. Use the Word. Even if you?ve heard a verse a million times before, remind yourself of the things you already know. While you?re doing that, the Holy Spirit will bring fresh things in to help you, too. You?ll be inspired to keep your hope and faith up.
Let Your New Era Begin

The method of removing mountainous problems and the method of receiving what you say, as Jesus taught us in Mark 11:23-24, is a divine principle that I?ve been sharing all this year. Meditate on it because it is a vital key to living an empowered life, one that includes doing and receiving unbelievable and impossible things.

This new life in Christ is about getting out of the boat of religion and starting to walk on the water with Him. There is not one teaching by Jesus that doesn?t push us to believe the unbelievable and do the impossible. It is His will that you have faith.
When His will meets your will, revelation energy is created.
The inauguration of a new era begins.

What do I mean by revelation energy? When His will and your will come together, an energy is formed that makes a way for the unbelievable and impossible. Like Peter walking on the water, when you exercise your faith, it?s the beginning of a whole new era for you. You suddenly see that nothing is impossible with God. There is a charge in your soul, so to speak. Suddenly, what you believe?His Word?now determines what you do. It?s no longer just about what you see with your eyes today. Revelation energy changes everything.

Faith is a glorious gift from God, and Romans 12:3 says that
??God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith.? So, you have enough faith inside of you right now to believe the unbelievable and do the impossible. Jesus said, ??If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you? (Matthew 17:20).

What impossible things would you like to see come to pass in your life? What mountains would you like to see go away? Do you realize that ?nothing shall be impossible to you? if only ?ye have faith? and ?say unto the mountain?? Let the new era begin!

?Faith is required with God, and hope is forever linked to faith.?
You Will Never be Alone in Your Faith

Remember that as long as Peter stayed in the boat, He couldn?t get close to Jesus. The minute He walked out of the boat, the unbelievable and impossible took place. He walked on the water. Peter got a little nervous, but Jesus caught him by the arm and, together, they both did the unbelievable and impossible.
I want you to know that Jesus is not walking away from you;
He is walking toward you. You will never be alone in your faith.
Partner, wherever you and I go in this ministry, Jesus will be with us. He will never leave us or forsake us, and He will always call us to join Him on the water. That?s why I believe the projects of this ministry are so important.

Each of these projects came out of the mind of God. He said, ?Jesse, it?s not time to pray about these projects, it?s time to obey.? In other words, God wants us to have faith and simply do what He says so that this ministry can go where He wants it to go, and reach those who He wants it to reach. There is nothing more important than continuing to ?Go Ye!?

That?s why I?m asking you to help us with these projects?I know that they seem unbelievable and impossible to many, but like I wrote earlier, that?s what makes them doable. With God, no soul is too dark to reach; no burden is too heavy to lift.

There is no project too big to accomplish and no ?thing? too big to receive. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is impossible for this ministry or for you personally. It?s a water-walking life when you obey Jesus and we wouldn?t have it any other way!

Thank you for helping me to complete the tasks at hand with your faithful financial support?it means so much to Cathy and me. We?re overwhelmed by your love and support of this work that God has called us to do. Together with you, we know that we will achieve our goals.
Your Dreams, Your Visions?They Will Come to Pass

Mark my words, Partner: Your dreams and visions will come to pass. I personally believe that it will be really soon, too. That kind of expectation and real hope?that kind of water-walking obedience and simple faith?well, it has a way of lifting you up and allowing you to walk in places you only dreamed of before. See yourself doing the impossible today. Remember, like Peter, you are following Jesus and stepping out into a whole new wonderful era in your life.

Love You,
Jesse Duplantis

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