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Are your ready for love and an everlasting relationship? Before you dive headfirst into shallow water and break your neck, test yourself first to see if you're REALLY Prepared.

Satan steals love more than any other one thing, so be sure your relationship is secured in God's love before a committment is made.

It is humanly impossible to fall in love! We fall in love with the eruption of our emotions, but not with the other person, which is not the true essence of love. Falling for this mockery takes us on a roller coaster ride that has an abrupt and painful ending, which is a very foolish undertaking.

When we are delivered into the hands of emotional discord, love is removed in exchange for fear, distrust, unfaithfulness and regret; and we are left to dwell in the earthshaking tempest of our deluge.

Infatuation is indeed and electrifying feeling, but it cannot endure the pressures of the world for any length of time. For its merely an emotion and emotions are not reality, because they quickly change.

Impetuously, they take us to the highs of exhilaration, then drop us to the lowest of lows of depression. This emotional, inflaming state of infatuation will change from excitement, hope, happiness and perceived love, to fear, anger and grief. It will leave you confused, bitter and defeated.

Usually we go through a series of infatuations before we settle down, for the enlivened sensations of a sexual encounter seems to be filled with love. But these desires overpower our dedication to Christ so we fail. They are simply feelings that have overreacted.

Thus they lead us down the path of broken hearts and dreams and self-doubt. Perhaps we can fool ourselves momentairly into believing these feelings are love, but emotions are fickle and unstable, so they will flicker, fizzle and die out. Infatuation is not love so it cannot last, therefore love never was.

Infatuations are filled with foolish and unreasonable passions that prompt only sudden moments of pleasure. For our energy rises above its normal capacity level, but since it cannot endure the heights of acceleration, it drops abruptly. Its spastic sensations hang us up in a delayed state of mind and cause a nervous reaction, and blocks love from entering.

When the heart is touched by love, however, energy gradually rises and stays within its normal capacity level, then lowers to a gentle and agreeable stage. It swings softly, never agitating. Love move harmoniously, rhythmically, like a pendulum. Unlike infatuation that rides for the thrill of speed and rapid twists and turns.

Once our yearning for passion is controlled, loves imposter "infatuation" will be exposed and its mockery will be removed. Then love can enter and a commitment can be made. Only through commitment can we maintain and strengthen our relationships. Love cannot begotten without a definite commitment, because love equals commitment.

Love is not an emotion, its a committment! If you are determined to make a lifelong commitment and cast down everything that interferes, then perhaps you are ready to walk through the doors of love. Until then, save yourself the agony of defeat.

Taking responsiblity for the course of action that love demands of us, only then is love able to grow. And the longer a commitment is preserved, the stronger and more enduring the bond becomes. Commitment locks and secures our relationships together, so love cannot fail or resist. It locks out everything that would prevent love from rooting and growing, which provides security, trust and loving affection.
Committing ourselves to the one we love binds the control of outside influences, which gives access from one level reach of navigable love to another. It guarantees that our love will remain completely secure against injury and loss.

Love does not come suddenly or unexpectedly. It grows and growth takes time. On the other hand, infatuation is hasty and is formed by a quick and impulsive decision. Before making a commitment to someone, be sure there is a mutual understanding, compatible beliefs, maturity, trust and freedom of the souls.

If you're not absolutely sure, stand still! Don't jump into anything suddenly. Move slowly, at a gradual pace, or you may find yourself buried in a lifetime of agony and defeat.

Infatuations all-absorbing passions cause uncontrollable sexual behavior. These deceiving passions overwhelm, then our heart and soul is lain bare to a stranger. Impulsive sex overrides communication, destroys intimacy, and conflicts with moral ethics. It wars against the Spirit, because it disregards God and opposes our innate principals of right conduct.

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